Multilink Drop Wire Terminal Block-2 Pair

Multilink Drop Wire Terminal Block-2 Pair

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  1. Multilink Drop Wire Terminal Block-2 Pair

    The Multilink ML-200 series telephony demarcation enclosure is a weatherproof outdoor product designed to allow for the interconnection or repair of traditional telephony grade copper conductors. The enclosure can be used for interconnecting copper telephony conductors in VOIP applications without the need to re-run entire telephony inside wiring. The enclosure can also be mounted on most outdoor plant surfaces including poles and walls near existing telephony demarcation enclosures. Within the enclosure are 4 brass posts with associated washers and nuts for terminating in-bound and out-bound copper pairs, which, if used, would allow for a means to separate the network from a station in test access situations. This is a convenient location to repair copper conductors using standard discrete copper connectors. Designed with 2 entry ports at the unit's base for in-bound and out-bound cabling and ground wire insertion. Hinged for security.

    • Corrosion and weatherproof for outdoor applications. 

    • Hinged cover for ease in access. 

    • Impact and UV resistant for maximum field survivability. 

    • Integrated security features. 

    • Wall or pole mountable. 

    • Dimensions - 2.5"D x 5"H x 3.24"W
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