MacLean 1/4" Figure 8 Strand Clamp

MacLean 1/4" Figure 8 Strand Clamp

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  1. These clamps are used for tangent construction or angles to 10 degrees. They accommodate the 1/4-inch insulated messenger of figure 8 cable. The hook is provided for stringing and safety.

    The PA296X is used for heavier construction and has a clamp gripping length of 3-1/4-inches. It will support cable through 200 pair, No. 19.


    A 5/8" bolt is mounted on pole with hook against pole.  The square nut is tightened up against the hook and left in a square position as shown.  Add a minimum of 3" to pole diameter to determine length of bolt to be used.  After the cable is stung, the nut is loosened, and the keeper is turned around as shown.  The cable is then raised up so that the messenger can be gripped tightly in the groove of the hanger by tightening the nut. 

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