3M™ Copper Burial Splice Kit 100-200 Pair

3M™ Copper Burial Splice Kit 100-200 Pair

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  1. 3M Copper Burial In-line splice with single end caps (1 in/1 out) 100-200 Pair Kit

    3M Encapsulated Closures enclose cable plant splices and protects them from environmental elements found in various applications.  The closures are also used to easily accommodate distribution drops from the main cable.

    3M Better Buried Compound Compression Closure System used the compression method to force the encapsulant up the cable core to stop water ingress. The product is simple to install, comes with the spacer web and plastic wrap and is used to hold and force the encapsulant. The product is offered in different sizes to cover various cable ranges and can be easily extended and bricked.

    Product Ordering Breakdown (BB4x24 SB/SC-LHS):

    • BB = A Better Buried Closure
    • 4x24 = 4 inch Diameter, 24 inch Length
    • SB = Strain Relief Bond Bar
    • SC = One Single Port End Cap
    • LHS = Locking Harness System
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